Request for Quotes

Alternative Demand-Response Transportation

From: Ottawa County Department of Job and Family Services

Attn: Tamara Gibson
8043 West State Route 163
Oak Harbor, OH 43449

FAX: (419)898-2048


Date: December 12, 2018

Ottawa County Department of Job and Family Services is requesting quotes for services listed below.  Please provide individual prices by January 18, 2019.  Quotes may be provided to above contact by fax, email, or hard copy delivery (US mail or in person).

Service: Alternative Demand-Response Transportation.


  • Provide alternate transportation when transportation needs cannot be met through OCTA or prepaid fuel cards, per the County Transportation Plan.
  • Provide pre-scheduled and pre-authorized transportation to eligible Ottawa County clients, to/from approved locations, to meet program and/or case plan requirements, visitation, job search, non-emergency medical appointments, employment, and training, or as a supportive service to agency clients. All transportation and clients are subject to authorization and approval by OCDJFS staff.
  • Ensure that all applicable Department of Transportation and Department of Medicaid requirements for transportation services are met by Vendor and vendor staff.
  • Ensure vendor staff providing direct service to clients have successfully passed a BCI and FBI background check, and a copy of the results of that background check is provided to the Ottawa County Department of Job and Family Services.
  • Upon approval by OCDJFS, and based on trip’s distance, including wait time of driver between drop-off of client and return trip, as part of billing.
  • Maintain client records for review by OCDJFS or Auditor of State, as part of the monitoring process.
  • By the 30th day after the last day of the service month, provide a monthly invoice, with the total cost, date/time of service, client name, pick up point, drop off point, and if applicable, paid waiting for period and cost per participant per trip.