Applying for Benefits and Reporting Changes

Ottawa County Department of Job and Family Services provide services such as temporary cash assistance, food assistance, medical assistance, subsidized child care, and Prevention, Retention and Contingency benefits (PRC).

To complete an online application for cash assistance, food assistance and/or Medicaid visit and click on “Am I Eligible” or “Apply for Benefits”. Once you complete your application it will be submitted to our office electronically and we will contact you to schedule an interview. Applications for PRC and Child Care are not available on this link at this time. You’ll need to complete a PRC application and a Child Care application. Once you have completed a PRC application or Child Care application you can mail it to our office at 8043 West State Route 163, Suite 200, Oak Harbor, OH 43449. Applications can also be faxed to (419) 898-2436. To request an application by mail you can contact (419) 898-3688 and an application will be mailed to you. If you prefer to visit our office you can walk in and complete an application with assistance.


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There are different eligibility requirements for the various programs. You will need to show verifications to complete the application process. Typically that means you must show a copy of the following:

  • Your Social Security card
  • Proof of age and citizenship
  • Proof of any income you receive
  • Proof of assets, such as a bank account
  • Proof of housing costs
  • Proof of any child support benefits
  • Proof of disability, if you claim it

Although discouraged, if you send original documents with your application we will copy the documents and return them to you. If we need additional information we will discuss that at your interview and give you a checklist so you can provide the information to us. If you are unable to obtain the documents please let your worker know and we can help you get the verification.

Reporting Changes

You may contact your caseworker at (419) 898-3688 or email us at  Documents can be dropped off in person at 8043 West State Route 163, Suite 200, Oak Harbor, OH 43449 or faxed to (419) 898-2436.