Child Support FAQs

The following information should answer your most common questions, but if you still need assistance please call (419) 898-3688 or visit our contact page for more information.

You are eligible for services if you are a resident of Ottawa County and/or have a support order in Ottawa County. Some services require a IV-D application. Anyone who receives cash assistance is automatically eligible for services. All services are available at no cost.
Yes, if you receive cash assistance your support payments will be sent to the state. If you don’t have a support order you are required to cooperate with CSEA to establish an order.
The Administrative Processing Fee is a 2% fee charged on payments made through the CSEA. The fee is established by state law. (It was formerly known as “poundage.”)
You must report changes to the agency. You can call your worker, send a message via your web portal, or send a written notice.
You can call the Automated Payment Line toll-free at 1 (800) 860-2555. You will set up a pin number the first time you call and enter this number each time you call. This insures that the information is only given to the parties involved. The payment line will tell you the date and amount of the payment that has been received. For case specific information, including a payment history please visit the OCS Customer Service Web Portal. If you have the child support payment card, you can call toll-free 1 (800) 503-1283 to find out what funds are available or for other customer service options such as replacing a lost card or getting a printout. You can apply for the child support debit card with this application form link and it can also be used for setting up direct deposits into a bank account.
You can make a payment with cash at our office at 8043 West State Route 163, Oak Harbor, OH 43449 between 8am and 4:30pm, Monday through Friday. Payments posted after 1:00 p.m. will be processed the next business day.

- OR -

You can send a check or money order to:
PO Box 182372
Columbus, OH 43218-2372

Please list the following information on the payment:
  • Obligor Name
  • CSEA SETS Case number
  • Court Order number
  • Social Security Number of the Non Custodial Party
This ensures that the payment will be applied to the proper child support case. (If a payment is received locally, it is immediately sent to Ohio CSPC for processing.)

You can pay online from your bank account using this link or call 1 (800) 403-0879 for information for this service. You can also pay with a credit card using this link or call 1 (888) 392-3391 for more information including fees charged for this service.

Parents who owe child support now have the option to make payments in cash and in person at Walmart and CVS MoneyGram locations anywhere in Ohio. Ohio's Child Support Payment Central partnered with MoneyGram, a money transfer company with 40,000 locations in the U.S. and 350,000 worldwide. MoneyGram can electronically send payments to Ohio Child Support Payment. To pay, parents need their case ID and Cause or Docket number, Receive Code: 14674 and paying through MoneyGram charges a $3.99 fee in addition to the payments. MoneyGram also has a mobile app that accepts payments; for more information about the mobile app, click here.
Please visit the Child Support Customer Service Web Portal at At that site you will be able to access and print a payment history as well as other information about your child support case.
If your payment is generated from an Income Withholding order to an employer or financial institution we are not able to take any action unless the payment is at least 10 business days later than expected. However, if you believe there are other factors that may be contributing to the late payment such as a change in the Non-Custodial Party's employment status, please contact your Case Manager. You may also call (419) 898-3688 (Ottawa County DJFS), press 3, then press 8.
There are several reasons why you may not have received a full payment. Possibly the Non-Custodial Party did not work a full schedule and the employer was not able to withhold the entire amount. Another reason may be because you have already received the full amount of support due you for the month. In that case all or part of an additional payment may be applied to arrearages due the state or to administrative fees.
Your Case Manager is responsible for hundreds of other cases. (S)He will make every attempt to return your call as soon as possible. When you leave a message please be sure to provide clear and complete contact information as well as your SETS number or your SSN. Visit the Child Support Customer Service Web Portal at for specific payment information. General information can also be found on this website, the Ottawa County DJFS website.
If you do not currently have a child support case you can access the Establishment Packet on this web site by going to Support Establishment. To begin the process, complete the packet and return it to the agency. If you are in the process of filing paper work with the court to establish a child support order, you do not need to complete the packet. The Child Support Agency will receive a copy of the order once it has been filed.
You always have the option to contact the genetic testing labs directly and pay for the test. However, if you have a case and paternity has not been established, the agency will be scheduling genetic testing for you and will notify you of your appointment date and time. Visit Paternity Establishment on this website. You are encouraged to contact your Case Manager to discuss your specific situation.
The Child Support Agency has many tools and initiatives that we utilize to collect child support payments. We base enforcement actions on specific case circumstances. It is our goal and intention to collect child support on every case. As we endeavor to do so we sometimes encounter barriers and situations that prove difficult to overcome. In these cases, we may attempt several different enforcement actions in order to find one that is effective. We will continue to provide collection services as long as there is money due on a case. We rely on information that the Custodial Parent is able to provide to us. If you have location information or employment information please access the Child Support e-mail from this website and send the information to the agency. Please visit our Enforcement page.
In Ohio, the current child support order typically stops when your child has turned 18 and has graduated, or turns 19 and has continuously attended an accredited high school. The court can deviate from these guidelines. Visit our Terminations/Emancipations page.
You must contact any attorney to petition the court for a change of custody order. You may petition the court on your own but your documents must accurately reflect the format and the information required by the court.
Cash medical orders are orders activated on your case when the medical obligor is not providing medical coverage. When medical coverage is being provided, according to the court order, the cash medical order is not active on the case. For more information on cash medical contact the child support agency.
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