Seek Work Program

The Ottawa County Child Support Enforcement Agency offers a 12 month Seek Work Program for Non-Custodial Parties who are unemployed or under-employed. The Seek Work Coordinator works closely with the Non-Custodial Parties who have been ordered into the program by the courts.

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Responsibilities and Requirements for Seek Work Participants:

The Ottawa County Child Support Enforcement Agency requires an Obligor (payor of child support) to seek work when they have the ability to work but are not working, have no income, and no financial account from which child support can be withheld. If an Obligor is unable to work, proof of the barrier to employment must be verified.

Requirements of the Seek Work Order:

  • Use SETS name to register at OMJ (Ohio Means Jobs) if not already registered
  • Create, maintain, and update a searchable resume on OMJ
  • Apply for work in their standard field weekly with at least 2 employers
  • Routinely make a good faith effort in obtaining employment
  • Verify their weekly job searches to the Ottawa County CSEA monthly

NOTE: Failure to comply with the Seek Work Requirement may result in a suspension of your driver’s license, recreational license, or professional license. Continued non-cooperation may further result in judicial enforcement.