Intergovernmental Cases

An Intergovernmental case (previously known as an Interstate case) is a case which involves more than one state, country or a tribal entity. Federal law requires Child Support Enforcement Agencies to assist each other when establishment and/or enforcement services are necessary on Intergovernmental cases. The Uniform Intergovernmental Family Support Act (UIFSA) governs the Intergovernmental procedures.

A case may be defined as an Intergovernmental case in the following situations:

  • One party resides in Ohio and the other resides in another state
  • Both parties reside in Ohio but the order originated in another state
  • Neither party resides in Ohio but the order originated in Ohio

Note: A case may meet one of the above criteria and not require Intergovernmental services and would not be considered an Intergovernmental case.

For more information on Intergovernmental/Interstate cases and other state contacts, please visit the state website.