Review / Adjustment / Modify

The Review and Adjustment process, also known as the Modification process, is the method by which the child support obligation is reviewed to reflect the most current and accurate financial situation of both parties. The Review and Adjustment process can take several months to complete from the initial request to final order.

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Qualifying Reasons for a Review & Adjustment:

All cases can be reviewed provided thirty-six (36) months have elapsed since the establishment of the order or since the last modification review. A case may be eligible for a Review & Adjustment prior to thirty-six (36) months if any of the following circumstances occur:

  • Custodial Party/Non-Custodial Party is now employed or is more gainfully employed
  • Verified loss of employment of either party which was beyond their control for 30 days and expected to continue.
  • Verified unemployment due to a plant closing or mass layoff.
  • Verified disability of either party.
  • Verified institutionalization of either party beyond the child’s minority age
  • Verified incarceration of either party beyond the child’s minority age.
  • Verified thirty percent (30%) change in gross income of either party.
  • One or more child(ren) has emancipated.
  • There is a need to assess availability of health insurance.
  • Verified increase or decrease in the cost of health insurance and/or child care which will result in a change of more than ten percent (10%) of the child support order.
  • The Non-Custodial Party may request if he is a member of the uniformed services in active service for more than thirty days.
  • Specified Social Security Benefits (Example: Permanent Disability). Certain types of Social Security Benefits may or may not be counted as income.
  • Intergovernmental cases may have different criteria; please contact your Child Support Case Manager and advise that one or both parties on the order reside out of state.
  • Review may be dismissed if information is not returned by the specified date.

Please Note:

Results of the Review

CSEA cannot predict the result of your modification. Once a modification is completed CSEA must adjust all records to reflect the results. However, if you do not agree with the results you may object and request a hearing.

The Review and Adjustment process does not permit adjustments of provisions of the order such as tax exemptions, visitation, non- court ordered change of custody, responsibilities for the care of the child, or spousal support. Arrears only cases are not subject to the administrative review process.

The CSEA cannot deviate from the guidelines when establishing or modifying an order. If you have variables which the CSEA cannot consider you have the option of objecting to our recommendation and requesting that a court hearing be scheduled. The court has the authority to deviate from the Ohio Guidelines and can consider variables that the agency cannot.