Community Education – Speaker Requests

The Ottawa County Department of Job and Family Services (OCDJFS) offers education regarding its services to community organizations and agencies.

Representatives from each of the 4 divisions (public assistance, children and adult services, child support, and workforce development) are available to speak to any group which might be interested in learning more about the services offered to the community by OCDJFS.

Topics include poverty in Ottawa County; food assistance; medical assistance; financial assistance; nursing home assistance; child abuse and neglect; adult and elder neglect, abuse, and exploitation; child care; child support establishment and enforcement; and, workforce development.

Anyone interested in having a representative from the agency come to speak to their organization may contact Laura Whipple at (419) 707-8650 or; or, contact one of the following by e-mail:

➳ Irma Dorski (Public Assistance):

➳ Janine Nolder (Children and Adult Services):

➳ Emily Gerber (Child Support):

➳ Stephanie Kowal (Director or Workforce Development):

Please include the following information when requesting a speaker:

  • Your Organization to be presented to
  • Your Organization contact person
  • Topic of presentation
  • Date, time, and location of presentation