Paternity Establishment

All actions to establish paternity must be initiated through your local Child Support agency. The Ottawa County CSEA provides services to establish paternity. Paternity becomes an issue when a child is born out of wedlock. By establishing paternity a legal determination is made naming the biological father of a child. To request paternity services please complete the Application Forms below. Once completed please send these to the CSEA.

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Birth Certificate & Acknowledgement of Paternity

Any father who wants to be listed on the birth certificate of a child born out of wedlock must sign the Paternity Affidavit. This can be done at the hospital, a local CSEA, or the Department of Health. Within the first 60 days, either party may rescind their signature by contacting the local CSEA and genetic testing would be scheduled. After 60 days, the paternity of the child becomes final and testing would only be completed if a court order requires it.

Genetic Testing

Genetic Testing is used to determine the biological father of a child. The testing is generally completed using DNA samples from the mother, proposed father, and child. The CSEA can provide these services. If there is not a father listed on the birth certificate, these services are generally free of charge. In rare cases, the CSEA may be required to charge a fee. For children who are not born in Ohio, the birth certificate is required. To apply for Paternity Establishment Services, please complete the above forms and the IV-D Application and forward them to the Ottawa County CSEA.

Cooperation Requirements

If you have applied for Public Assistance, you may be required to cooperate with child support to establish paternity and a child support order. Completing the above IV-D Application for services and forms will help to expedite the process.