Pregnancy Related Services (PRS)


Early and continual prenatal care plays an important role in positive pregnancy results and the birth of a healthy baby. Ohio Medicaid’s PRS (Pregnancy Related Services) program was developed to improve and maintain the health of the pregnant woman, increase her chances for a healthier baby and promote positive birth outcomes. This is a free service to all Medicaid eligible pregnant women and is also known as the Healthy Start Program for pregnant women. An application for eligibility can be completed at the Ottawa County Department of Job and Family Services (OCDJFS), online at or by calling the Medicaid Consumer Hotline at 1 (800) 324-8680 (TDD 1 (800) 292-3572).


A woman may be eligible for Pregnancy Related Services from the date she suspects that she is pregnant and reports it to the OCDJFS through 60 days after the end of her pregnancy. She may also have eligibility for 3 months prior to her date of application (retroactive eligibility).

If there are problems determining a woman’s initial eligibility for the program, Expedited Medicaid may also be available for 60 days for any pregnant woman who verifies her pregnancy to the OCDJFS, but is required to submit other verification prior to ongoing approval. Expedited Medicaid services will cover her pregnancy related doctor’s visits and prescriptions.

Covered Services

The enhanced services of the PRS program includes referrals, individual pregnancy counseling and education, group education, case management, nutrition intervention, transportation to Medicaid reimbursable appointments and fetal delivery.

At Ottawa County Department of Job and Family Services, we have designated PRS coordinators to provide case management, referrals and transportation services.

Please contact us at (419) 898-3688.