Support Establishment

If you are a married couple and have separated and do not have plans to file for a divorce or, if you were not married and paternity has been established and no court action is pending, the Ottawa County CSEA can establish support orders through an administrative and/or judicial (court) process.

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The establishment of a support order involves the determination of a monthly child support amount (obligation) to be paid by the non-custodial parent (the parent with whom the child does not reside). The child support obligation is calculated by using the Ohio Child Support Guidelines as established by the Ohio Legislature. The Guidelines take into consideration the incomes of both parents, the number of children, day care expenses and health insurance premium costs for the children in the case as well as some other specified financial factors. To review the Ohio Child Support Guidelines, you can use this link to the Ohio Revised Code (Section 31) at

State laws require that a medical support order be established in conjunction with a child support order. A medical support order addresses the requirement of one or both of the parties to provide health insurance, when available and reasonable, for the child/children. It usually addresses the responsibility of non-insured expenses for the child/children and may require a monthly medical support payment when insurance is not available.

In addition, and in accordance with state law, the Child Support Agency will also establish a cash medical support order. This is an amount that is ordered to be paid when health insurance is not available. This amount is also determined based on income and is calculated through the Ohio Guidelines.

The agency does not have the authority to deviate from the Guidelines. If the agency establishes an order and there are factors that you believe should have been considered you have a right to object to our order and have the court review the order. The court does have the ability to consider variables and circumstances that the agency cannot.

To apply for Support Establishment Services please complete the forms above and return the Child Support IV-D Application for Services and the Child Support Application Questionnaire to the agency.

Cooperation Requirements

If you have applied for Public Assistance, you may be required to cooperate with child support to establish a child support order. Completing the above IV-D Application for services and forms will
help to expedite the Process.