Foster Parenting

Ottawa County DJFS would like to thank you for your interest in becoming a Foster to Adopt Parent! We at Ottawa County DJFS are very excited to work with you on building better families and strengthening our community.


Part of becoming a licensed foster to adopt home is completing 36 hours of pre-service training. No classes being offered this quarter in Ottawa County? NO problem! Regardless of where you live in the state of Ohio, you can take pre-service classes in ANY Ohio county! Training classes are valid for 1 year, so if you cannot complete them all in one training quarter, it’s ok! We also recommend you take pre-service training classes in sequential order, however, if that is not possible you may take the classes out of order just as long as you complete all 36 hours.

Pre-Service Classes

Ottawa County does not currently offer pre-service classes, so families interested in getting licensed in Ottawa County can attend training in neighboring counties for pre-service classes, but still complete their home study through Ottawa County.

Lucas County

Lucas County has the most flexible training schedule. Visit their website for specific dates and times.

Huron County

Contact Chelsea Fuller at (419) 663-5437 ext 3214 or

Make sure to let Chelsea know that you are licensing through Ottawa County, but taking preservice in Huron.

You can also call us at (419)707-8656 to request an application packet to become a licensed foster home or foster to adopt home.